Hello Mrs. Robinson 2.0

Pretty much everyone, male and female, has had fantasies about hooking up with one of their college professors. Some would like to do it because they are genuinely attracted to the professor; some consider doing it as a ploy to get better grades. Whatever the reason, it’s a very prevalent fantasy, and one that many students do in fact act on. Why do they take a risk like this, knowing they could get kicked out of school and that the professor could be fired?

For some, it’s the excitement of getting it on with someone, usually older, to whom they find themselves attracted. This is not unusual in situations where one party is considered to hold a position of “power” or influence. There is something extremely erotic about the thought of having sex with a college professor, someone who is knowledgeable in so many things, and who would more than likely be skilled in the erotic arts as well. An older professor, a younger student, the forbidden fruit on each other’s tree. For the student, the thrill lies in the idea of the sexual excitement of having an older, more experienced lover. There is also the “prestige” among their select group of friends of such a relationship. Of course, at the core of it all is the sex itself. For the female student involved with her professor, there is usually some level of infatuation and feelings that go along with the physical relationship. For male students who have it going on with a female professor, the sex may be good but there’s the added ego boost that goes along with it.

For both males and females, the sex with a professor may not necessarily be as gratifying as it is with someone their own age or closer to their age, but it is satisfying on another level. Many times the younger person isn’t really aware of how to enjoy sex with an older, more experienced person. They are generally used to sex that is over with quickly, and in the case of the females, sex that leaves them unsatisfied. A sexual relationship with an older college professor opens up a whole new world of gratifying, unhurried sex (unless it’s after class in the classroom, that is!) and that, combined with the thrill of the forbidden, makes for an intense, explosive sexual relationship that hopefully will create some awesome memories for both – minus any unwanted repercussions!

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