My favorite girls at Upton Park escorts

Now, I do like an escort who enjoy dressing up, and this is the main reason I spend so much time with my favorite girls at Upton Park escorts in London from It may seem crazy that a guy like me should enjoy dressing up, but I truly do. I have always had a fascination for dressing up and it is has continued into my adult life. My ex-wife used to laugh at me and never really play along. This is why I am so happily divorced, and finally able to pursue my passion for playing dress up with my favorite London escorts.

One of my favorite characters is Lord Nelson. Of course, this is the perfect bit of role play for the girls back at Upton Park escorts like, as I always need an Emma. I am not 100 per cent sure what Emma looked like, but I have been able to recreate Lord Nelson pretty faithfully. One of the girls that I date at the agency is very good at Emma, and she even has the right period lingerie for the part. This can make an old chap like me rather hot under the collar, but we do have a great time playing together.

My other favorite part is Napoleon. He may not have been a friend of England, but I do enjoy his immense character. Napoleon did have Josephine and I have been able to find my perfect little Josephine at Upton Park escorts. The girl who frequently takes on the part seems to enjoy it as much as I do, and she really puts her heart and soul into it. She has a lovely period costume, and wears that little bonnet that Josephine was said to be so fund of. A lovely lady who gets up to all sort of naughty tricks.

I do have other favorites as well, and some of them are other historic character. The girls at Upton Park escorts seem to enjoy my Winston Churchill a lot, and of course you can have so much fun with cigars. Dear old Winston was a keen Champagne drinker as well, and so am I. When I am in the mood for Winston, I always go out and buy a couple of bottles of vintage Champagne. After that, I lock the door and the girls and I have some serious adult fun with Winston. It is absolutely one of their favorite games.

I personally believe that a bit of role play can put a sparkle into anybody’s life and that it is good for the soul. It teaches you that it is okay to let go sometime, and take on a different character. I have just met a lovely exotic beauty from Egypt, so my next character will be Lawrence of Arabia. I suppose I will have to find myself a white horse somewhere and ride off into the desert with this beauty from Egypt. Maybe we will forever travel the deserts of Cairo together and enjoy the stars.

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